Public Prayer Spaces
Public Prayer Spaces are 24-7-style prayer rooms created for city-wide use that are open to the general public. Some are pop-up or mobile spaces, but most are permanent locations filled with Christ-centered interactive prayer stations that help people from all over the spiritual map and from all walks of life connect with God about what matters to them and their world. Click below to learn more and to see where they are located around the nation.
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Prayer Rooms
Any space can be turned into a 24-7 Prayer Room – a place for your community to join together to seek God’s face and to pray every hour for a set period of time. 24-7 Prayer Rooms are temporarily set up with prayer stations to help people learn to pray by praying. We offer support and resources that will equip you to run a prayer room where you are. Start by registering your prayer room for specific downloadable resources that will help from start to finish.