We need you. Volunteer with 24-7 Prayer / USA

Join one or several of the teams efforting the national Prayer Trilogy launching January 1, 2020.

Join Watch Team, Weeks Team, or Walks Team

Through postings to our social media platforms with the best images, quotes, & links to relevant articles & vidoes, play a role in inspiring & fueling the nation in prayer, mission & justice.

Social Media Gurus

"A picture is worth a thousand words". Help us express our content in visually compelling ways to inspire people to connect to God & to connect with His work through 24-7 Prayer.

Graphic Designers

We need you. Pronto! Help us compile lists of national, regional & city-wide prayer initiatives, locations of permanent prayer rooms, etc.  


Use your writing talents to help us capture & spread the stories emerging from God at work in the 24-7 Prayer movement in the USA.


Wether you have a little or a lot of time to volunteer, this is a great arena to support the work of 24-7 Prayer by taking on some admin-type tasks that fit your skill-set & that 24-7 needs in order to live into the next big things God is calling us to. 


Help us create awesome short videos that inspire people tp pray, to promo our prayer initiatives, & to capture the stories of what God doing in the lives of those encountering Him through the work of 24-7.


Well, you've seen it. You know what's needed to make it more visually stunning,  easier to navigate, easier to understand, & easier to connect.  Bring the magic.

Web Designer

We are looking for those naturally gifted speakers, passionate about 24-7 Prayer who can join us in sharing the vision & the stories of the movement in engaging ways in public corporate settings. 

Story Tellers

Use your talents to help create & carry out a support raising strategy for 247 Prayer USA.