The Church in each local metro-area is made up of all those saved by the wild & scandalous grace of God.

The Watch is about inviting all those who make up the Church in each metro-city to join together in groups of all kinds to pray bold prayers for soul & city transformation. 

  • Uniting together to pray redemption into our city's mountains & valleys, inviting God to outrageous action. 



  • Groups can be any age, any kind & any size.

  • Groups can pray together in person, together on the phone, or together online.​ 

  • Participants can pray according to their own faith-culture or church traditions.

  • Prayer themes,  relevant local stats, inspiration, & some 'next steps' you can take to become the answer to some of those prayers will come right to your inbox.


​Family, friends, co-workers, cohorts, campus & student groups, arts, justice, mission & Bible-study networks & groups, city transformation networks, para-church orgs,  intercessory & prayer groups, non-profit orgs, & more.

Entire congregations, small groups, youth groups, young adult groups, affinity groups, new membership groups,  church  staff & more.


Churches & groups can tailor how often they commit to meet together to pray & can also tailor the length of the prayer times they commit to. 

  • Monthly 
  • Bi-weekly 
  • Weekly
  • Daily 
    • 90-120, 45-60, 30-45, 15-30, 5-15 minute time-slots. 



The Mountains: 

Religion. Family. Education. Government. Business. Media. Arts & Entertainment.

The Valleys: 

The poor, the marginalized, the sick, the homeless, the imprisoned, prejudice, & the crime issues that consistently plague the local front.