A 7 Day City Prayer Campaign


This wild season of significant upheaval has touched every city in America. The restrictions of Covid - resulting in devastating local hardships, the groundswell of activism which kickstarted movement toward greater equity in places it had stalled, while simultaneously hurling us into incredibly difficult conversations & skirmishes about past & present issues of discrimination. Add to this the messiness from all the apocalyptic & political chatter as we head into national elections in a season where polarization, divisiveness, & all manner of unfriending is at an all-time high.  Whew! 


7 Days Praying Peace over Your

City Throughout Election Week.



The week of the election we're inviting you to pray for the SHALOM of your city.  To pull up from the intensity of the issues trenches & zoom out to pray for the peace of your city. The kind of peace that is not about the absence of conflict, but about prioritizing the presence of Christ. A peace that's not rooted in partisan & issue agreement, but in true unity.  Praying for the kind of peace & prosperity that results in reconnecting, reconciliation, rebuilding & restoration in all sectors of your city & its societies in ways needed most. 

seek the peace and prosperity of the city into which I have carried you. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper -Jer 29:7


7 Days / 3 Ways

Pop-Up Prayer Room

We created prayer stations you can download & easily set up as an election week prayer room by following the instructions. 

Blanket The City

Download, print, pin, or tape these flyers around your city as mini-altars of prayer & promise inciting people to wage peace.

Graffiti The City

Take a box of chalk into your city & on pavement everywhere graffiti words of hope & peace & art that uplifts & inspires.



seven days of scripture, reflection, & liturgy

Posted daily here & on our social media sites Nov 1-7.

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SHALOM in our Covid-impaled vulnerable communities needing necessities & heroes. SHALOM in our civic centers & on main streets - 1/2 open with perseverance & grit, & 1/2 shuttered lamenting no resurrection. SHALOM to families reorienting around the homefront & computer screens for work, learning, & play. SHALOM throughout our police agencies, & in the hallowed halls of justice systems & seats of government. SHALOM in the political discourse & voting process picking leaders & costing friendships. SHALOM to protestors advocating change with their signs, voices & hope filling up our streets. SHALOM in our dating apps & What'sApps & all the virtual sacred & secular gathering spaces that thread us together.


As we take 7 days to pray the peace of God over our cities, may the God of peace respond with mercy & miracles.

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