Taking It To The Streets

As the nation groans under the weight of the pandemic, & hunkers into a life lived largely at home, virtual church, virtual prayer rooms & the virtual prayer gatherings are growing exponentially even as the requests for prayer grows by tens of thousands daily.  Openness to connect with God is high for those normally not open. So is the desire to connect with others to stave off the sense of detachment & isolation quarantine can bring. The season is ripe for the Church to adapt & deploy as mission-minded purveyors of hope - as dealers of good - as agents of Christ in the footprint where they live. 

This climate is not ideal

for the Church gathering, 

but perfect for the Church going.


A Call To Prayer Walk invites everyone to pray - to pray nurturing, bold, Christ-centered prayers - to pray on the move where you live, for those you live among.



Choose a couple of blocks near your own residence & walk, jog, bicycle, skateboard or even slow-drive through them while inviting God to move in the lives of those who live there. 


Chalk your walks

Take chalk on your walks & leave uplifting messages of hope, prayers, & drawings to encourage your neighbors & curate connection during isolation. It's family fun. Take pics & post them on your social media sites to encourage others. #ChalkYourPrayerWalk  #ChalkYourWalk


Walk the talk

Before heading home, if possible leave a few postcards on front doors offering to help those quarantined, vulnerable, or in need.


Live Sent

Check out this all-in-one resource to help you pray for your neighbors by name & address, learn ways to cultivate relationships when you're ready, & help them get to know God when they're ready. It's good for taking virtual prayer walks too.

Remain Distant Physically - Draw Close Socially