Prayer Is Breathing In...


Mission & Justice Is Breathing Out.

New York City Missions

We're headed to NYC to pray at iconic judicial, abortion, adoption, pro-choice, & pro-life centers, pray for those in the throws of life and death decisions regarding their pregnancies, and invite God's will to be done in the spiritual and legal arena of human rights for the pregnant, for the unborn, and just born. Dates: Aug 20-23/ 2019

Alton/Ferguson Missions

Join a 24-7 Missions Team headed here to pray & join the work toward reconciliation, healing, & an end to systemic racial inequity. We'll pray with law enforcement, faith & civic leaders, visit ground zero, & help establish a new 24-7 prayer room for the city's faith community to unite around & connect with Christ & each other in ways that will strengthen them for the long road ahead. 

Pick A Fight

An American Fight

We're picking a fight with Human Trafficking in the USA. In 2020,  24-7 is launching an amazing campaign that raises awareness, educates, & provides tons of big & small ways to get involved nationally & locally right where you live.

Learn about the specific fights 24-7 Prayer International is focusing on all around the world right now. We're inviting you to get informed then pick one that's a good fit,  & join in on it  with us. 

Fights In Your Corner

What's the cause you're fighting for that you think would be great for our 24-7 network of friendships to join you in?  We've been asking what justice arenas God wants 24-7 Prayer/USA involved in. It could just be yours. Contact us.