@The Borders

We're curating a missions experience at the New York border with Canada to learn about, receive training in, encounter & pray into refugee & immigration issues in the spaces where they're occurring. Hear the stories of & serve asylum seekers & families fleeing their homes in search of safety, security & better lives. 

July Missions

Registration opens mid-March

@American Slums

We're finalizing the details for sending this team to throw some service, light, hope & prayer into one the most broken & challenged inner-cities in all of America, just outside DC. You'll serve, pray, learn & be transformed by the people & places you'll have opportunity to impact for good there.

August Missions

Registration opens mid-March

24-7 Prayer USA is launching two great American-based Mission Team opportunities this summer.  Check them out below.

This summer 24-7 Prayer is sending teams across Europe & the Middle East to pray and seek God's kingdom. Learn all about it and join in.

Pick A Fight

Click to head over to the international 24-7 Prayer page with some awesome opportunities to learn about & dive into holy activism for issues of mercy & Justice all around the world.