With so much happening in the world & so many hard things filling the news cycle, it's tough to not let it all whoosh by without diving in or investing any prayer into them. Especially if it all seems too complicated & doesn't really touch your life personally. Then there's that nagging doubt we all face, telling you that your prayers concerning things so big, dark, & broken would not make any difference. 

Yeah, We Get It.

But God has always called His followers to step up on the front lines of tough issues & pray into them the kind of bold, generous, dangerous prayers that invite Christ's movement to crash into the darkest most broken places of injustice. Most of us know this but need a little inspiration & help to get off the bench & into that game.  This is that.


Unpacking one tough issue a quarter using compelling content to make it succinct, engaging, understandable, & easy for all of us front-line no-shows to show up and dive in.



let's Go