Coordinators are leaders with a call & commission to champion 24-7 prayer throughout the city, state or region where they live.

State Or Regional Coordinators


Serve as the point-person for helping 24-7 mobilize prayer all across your state or region, responsively partner with what God is doing on the prayer-front in your area, & steward supportive friendships among City Coordinators state-wide. 


City Coordinators

Join the work of 24-7 in this awesome leadership role introducing 24-7 Prayer to those in your neck of the woods, mobilizing prayer all around your city, & helping spread the virus of 24-7 Prayer throughout local faith communities, online,  & in the unlikely corners of your home town.  



All Coordinators Roles

Each of these new Coordinator roles are a way to dock into the 24-7 Prayer movement in a clear & strategic way. They're designed to be missional, flexible, & tailored to each leader's unique passions & strengths.  If you're interested, hit the button below & we'll give you the details & get you into the discernment process to see if it's a good fit.

Current Coordinators

Click any of the links below to learn more about the work of Coordinators in your area or to inquire about joining their team.

Tyler Staton / Brooklyn NY

Adam Chiarelli / Kansas City MO

Kate Boler / Madison, Wisconsin

Lisa Koons / Charlotte, N.Carolina

Renee Boucher / Portland Oregon

Matt Haberman / Ft Wayne, Indiana

Michael Schuck / San Diego California

Jeremy Bryant / Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Steve Barr / Disney Campuses / FL &  CA

Carver Pough / Elicott (Baltimore) Maryland

Mark & Julie Gaking / Charleston S. Carolina

Evangeline Sperti / Winston Salem, N. Carolina​

Tim Collier / Grand Rapids & Great Lakes Region

Ken & Cheri Atkinson / Boulder / Denver Colorado

Darnell & Donna Robinson / Milwaukee, Wisconsin